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Real-Time Application.
User friendly GUI & Customizable.
Military Standard ACP127.

Matrix Monitoring &
Switching Software for ICS.

Integrated Communication System ICS.
System Design, Engineering & Integrator.

Integrated Communication System ICS


Integrated Communication System ICS) provides reliable, secured and rapid communication equivalence to any modern navies. It has been introduced in Malaysia in 1997. It contains the knowledge of communication system experienced by M.A.R Communication (M.A.R) in the last few years and Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH (HMK), Germany, a company of the ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group, in the last decades.

  • Our Capabilities
  • System Integrator/Sub-Contractor
  • System Designer & Engineering
  • ICS Monitoring & Switching Software
  • Equipment/System Installation


General ICS components as follows:


Message Handling (AMPS), Remote Control (RCS) & HF Email System (HMK SEICAM 5066).
VLF-HF Transmitting / Receiving SubSystem including HF Modem & ALE.
Internal/External Switching
Internal/External Audio, Video & Data Switching System.
VHF/UHF Transmitting /Receiving SubSystem including SECOS and Maritime Inter Prediction Operation System (MIOPS).
Voice and Data Encription / Decryption Unit.
Integration with Other System:
  • Ship Telephone System.
  • Sound Powered Telephone System.
  • Machinery Room Comm. Equipment.
  • Flight Deck Comm. System.
  • GMDSS & Safety Equipment.
  • Public Address System.


(1) ICS configuration is based on user requirement and specification.

(2) Please contact us for more details.

ICS Software (ICSS)

Since 2004 colabration between MAR & HMK, MAR has developed our own ICS Software to control and monitor matrix system using HMK-Digital Distribution Node (DDN) and User Station Terminal (UST). Using touch screen monitor, operator can configure, save or recall the Communication Plan (COMPLAN) easly. Preconfigure COMPLAN can be save and reload afterwards by operator. Each buttons at HMK User Station Terminal UST can be customize depends on the system requirements or default factory setting.

ICSS Scenario Onboard Ship.
Matrix Monitoring.
Radio Line Configuration/Communication Planning (COMMLAN).
Equipment Status.
  • ICSS
  • Integration with Remote Control Software
  • Customizable
  • Real-time application
  • Software Features
  • Matrix Monitoring
  • Radio/Modem Line Configuration
  • Digital Distribution Node (DDN) Status Monitoring
  • User Station Terminal Configuration & Status Monitoring
  • COMMPLAN Configuration

Automatic Message Processing/Handling System AMPS/MHS


In this day and age of technological warfare, messages must reach the Command immediately on receipt so as to enable the Command to exercise Command and Control effectively. Therefore, the speed of delivery of message is crucial and mandatory. To meet these criteria, message processing, handling and distribution have to be done electronically and with the use of computers. M.A.R had designed an Automatic Message Handling System known under our trade name MAR AMHS.

The system described hereafter is most reliable and able to perform handling and automatic distribution of messages in ACP 127G formats. It contains the knowledge of system integration experienced by M.A.R. The movement of messages from one bay to another no longer requires operators. This paperless message processing and handling not only speed up the flow but also eradicates the filing of hard copies. The distribution of messages no longer requires a messenger, but being done electronically and instantly to the Officer’s office. This provides real-time viewing of messages instead of having to wait for the routine collection. On top of that, all messages are available in the terminal for reference without having to call for it from the Communication Centre or look it up in the file.
All proposed software of the MAR AMHS is designed for operation in Communication Centre, Mini-Communication Centre, Communication Stations and onboard Naval Ships. In order to ensure future developments in MAR AMHS and maintain interoperability with existing system, special software design and development techniques have been implemented.

System Description

The MAR AMHS provides necessary and vital communication links for a modern Communication Centre. It fulfills the general requirements for ACP 127G procedure. The Communication Centre is able to establish and support communications to all Communication Centres, Communication Stations, Ships and Authorities Afloat and automatic distribution of messages by SIC. The combination of message handling and distribution enables a Communication Centre to function from the drafting of the message, the processing, distributing and finally transmitting to the desired destination electronically. M.A.R had developed a system not only to link all Communication Centers by HF, Satellite or Leased Line but also to enable each Center to have computerized method of searching and receiving messages to and from ships via HF or Satellite.

AMPS Scenario Onboard Ship or Shore Station.
Message Log.
ACP127 Message Template.
Message Statistic.
  • Military format ACP127G
  • Centralized Database
  • Message Distribution via LAN / Serial Port
  • Customizable
  • Currently used by RMN

  • Software Features
  • Message Log
  • Message Statistic
  • Message Retrieval
  • Call Tape
  • Message Template:
    1. Plaindress
    2. Service Abbreviation
    3. Service with Action & Info
    4. Codress
    5. Pilot
    6. ReAddress
    7. MRB
    8. MMB
    9. Free Message
  • View Incoming Message
  • Chatting
  • and etc....
  • Note:
  • M.A.R is the first and pioneer company that developed software application that computerized signal for teleprinter replacement by intoducing and implimenting the Automatic Message Processing System (AMPS) in Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).
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Remote Control System RCS


Remote Control System (RCS) was designed for HAGENUK MARINEKOMMUNIKATION GMBH for handling and controlling a set of radio communication onboard RMN Survey Vessel (KD PERANTAU), RMN Corvette Class, RMN Patrol Vessel and RMN Support Vessel. This will enable a radio operator to remotely control a dedicated set of radio communications equipment and ease the operator the overall radio communication tasks, which are typical onboard a sea going ship. The software for RCS is Window’s oriented operators and designed under client-server architecture.

The RCS is equipped with Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) which features automatic signaling, selective calling, automatic answering, frequency scanning, sounding, and link quality analysis. The ALE provides the capability for a HF radio to make contact and to initiate communications between itself and another specified radio with minimum operator assistance.

RCS also features Frequency Management System(FMS). The FMS performs automatic measurements of quality on ALE signals on links between stations. The quality measurements are used to score the channels and enable the selection of the best channel for calling and communication. Another function of RCS is, it acts as a monitoring device to detect any failure on radio equipment. A blinking message will appear at RCS computer if any of the radio equipment fails to acknowledge within certain time.

RCS Scenario OnBoard Ship.
Radio Monitoring & Controlling.
Combination of Radio or Other Equipment Monitoring.
Channel Management.

  • RCS
  • Control/Monitor Radio & Other Equipment
  • Real Time Application
  • Integration with ALE
  • Frequency Management System
  • Channel Management
  • Customizable

  • Software Features
  • Radio and other equipment parameters:
    1. Frequency,
    2. Mode,
    3. Channel
    4. Bandwith
    5. Max. Power
    6. Preselector/Interselector
    7. Gain Control
    8. and etc.....
  • Channel Database
  • BITE Test & Report
  • Radio Silence
  • Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)
  • and etc....

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TRATI System

Teleprinter replacement for Armed Forces Training Institution.

Provide ACP 127 training software, which is developed by M.A.R. Inclusive SUN servers (UNIX), workstations, PC terminals and Local Area Network (LAN) for Six Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Training Schools.

Contact us for more details.

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Clinic Management System CMS

Provide Patient management or history and Medication history for clinic.

Contact us for more details.

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